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Friday, 12 July 2013


almost all of you may know, iOS 7 has recently been released. And I'm sure many of you are also trying to find free methods on how to update your device without being an apple developer. Now you have come to the right place. This post will teach you how to get iOS 7 Beta 1 on your device for free.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - * This update will cause you to lose your jailbreak (temporarily), until a new iOS 7 Jailbreak is released. 
If you have a Jailbroken device, I suggest downloading AptBackup from Cydia to backup the packages that you have installed with cydia. That way, when the new Jailbreak for iOS 7 comes out, you can just use AptBakup to restore your previously downloaded packages.
* This is the first release of iOS 7 (Beta 1). So take in mind that you may encounter several bugs/glitches while running the firmware. Some known problems are lack of battery life and over-heating of the phone.

Now lets begin...

First - The Downloads
To update your device to iOS 7 Beta 1, you will first need to download the correct software for your device. Please see below...

iPhone 5 (Model A1428) 

iPhone 5 (Model A1429) -!1ZdFTRCS!W6KqNkulOpMh1nb2N5sTKHyZTaNOj-5gc7h8MiKKqsE

iPhone 4S -!lI8mVDxA!CCamlGgTyOxWAiJFNJRn1SDn1fd_fQqJFhgvdQr_ThY

iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A) -!JZEHUJ4S!eW_bf0QbBHd5eEuz-TieCW7cAIg7A8ugLcyUjeql1Oo

iPhone 4 (CDMA) -!1NtjXKxQ!L08GdgNvnmzvS5v1Yfgc3U77kS9cc04B-QgO0SkXloc
iPod touch (5th generation) -!4Q0USDzD!QKZxxXKL4JkxwTuVyyNDpEjyFo87kd0ndFPGLN_LGvk

Step 1

1.) Head over to -
And download the latest iOS for your device. (iPhone 5 would be 6.1.4, and all other supported devices would be 6.1.3)
2.) Download iOS 7 Beta 1 for your current device from the download page above
3.) Connect your device to iTunes via USB. Hold shift, and left-click on the "restore" button Search for the 6.1.4 or 6.1.3 software that you downloaded in step 1. Select the firmware, and go about the restore
4.) After the device has restored, be sure to "setup as new", that was you can get to the home screen
5.) In Itunes, hold shift and left-click on the "Check for Updates" button. This time, search for the iOS 7 beta 1 firmware that you downloaded in step 2

Step 2

1.) Download the correct iOS 7 beta 1 firmware for your device from the form above
2.) Because the file has the extension ".dmg", you will need a program titles "Power Iso". Open Power Iso, the open the file in the will now see a file with the extension ".ispw"
3.) Move that file to your Desktop
4.) Open iTunes. While holding shift, left-click on the "update" button and look for the ".ispw" file that you saved to your desktop.
5.) Enjoy iOS 7

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